What is “Tea, But With Coffee”?

Ah, the mighty question: what is the meaning behind the name? You may be thinking that I have eccentric tastes and like to mix a little Earl Grey with my Cafe Bustelo. Alas, that is not the case. Though, I do still plan on trying that one day just for shits and giggles.

No, it’s more simplistic than that. It’s a play on my actual name. Tea (like ‘T’) for Tyler, the ‘b’ in But for Bruce, and With Coffee sounds loosely like Wittkofsky. With Coffee came first way back in high school. Obviously, nobody could say my last name, so I was mounted with a multitude of pronunciations. Witt-Kiff-Ski, Witt, Waffles, Mike Wazowski, Whiskey, and my favorite With Coffee.

It just kind of stuck with me. I was an avid coffee drinker, preferring mine in a five-gallon bucket, black. As I started getting onto the newer social media sites at the time, I had to come up with handles. I wanted something catchy that didn’t give away too much of my identity. With Coffee was often taken, so I added the “T” in most of my social handles. From that sparked an online alias of “Tea, But With Coffee”.

Who am I? I am an award-winning multi-genre author, poet, and mental health advocate from Leland, North Carolina. I graduated from South Brunswick High School and went on to receive his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

So what can you expect to find on my site? That’s the beauty of it, you’ll get to see the inner workings of my mind. Writing updates and tips and tricks, mental health articles, book reviews, and author interviews. I’m sure my content will broaden as time goes on because just like any person with a good ol’ mental illness my mind runs on fifty different tracks at a time.

I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me with this site. It’s an exciting new journey, and I’m glad you’re here to take it with me. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter HERE and receive a free download of my first published work, “(Not) Alone”.


Published by Tyler Wittkofsky

Tyler Wittkofsky is a multi-genre author, blogger, award-winning marketing and communications professional, and fierce mental health advocate from the southern coast of North Carolina. Tyler has been writing short stories for as long as he can remember. Growing up the grandson of an English teacher, Tyler had a constant fuel to his creative fire in his grandmother. He started writing poetry in 2012 to cope with his mental health struggles with anxiety, bipolar, and depression. Using poetry as an escape, he developed a unique style of poetry that has left readers saying, “Tyler’s voice is compassionate, even while suffering, and I felt the despair and loneliness seeping out through his words.” His first poetry collection, composed of poems written from 2012 to 2016, was published in March 2020. He began his first novel in 2019. The novel, (Not) Alone, was a story based on true events surrounding the struggles of living with mental illness. Described by readers as “An Intimate Closure with Mental Illness,” this began Tyler’s revitalized passion for mental health. He decided that his writing would have a focus on mental health. His next novel, The Seeds of Love: Sunflower Kisses Book One, was his debut romance novel and debut series. Described as “a great job of relaying the realistic emotions of young love and emotional drama that is particularly difficult for young adults…”, his debut romance novel was met with much success. In 2021, Tyler began writing short stories. He was accepted into several anthologies in mid-2021, expected for publication in early 2022. He also writes supernatural horror and historical fantasy for the online magazines In the Pantheon and In the Crescent. He has work published through Five Minute Affairs as well. He built his website www.TeaButWithCoffee.com in 2021. On this site, he started his blogging journey. He began writing book reviews, interviewing indie authors, and writing on mental health. This passion sparked a new desire to connect with more people. Tyler is currently in the beginning stages of two podcasts that he hopes to be live by the end of 2021. Tyler currently lives in Leland, North Carolina with his wife, Grace, and dogs, Dutch and Belle. You can find him and his works here: https://linktr.ee/wittkofsky

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