Meet Me

I am a multi-genre author, podcaster, mental health blogger, and award-winning marketing and communications professional from Leland, North Carolina. In 2012, I graduated from South Brunswick High School and went on to receive my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 2015 and Master of Business Administration in 2019 from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Growing up, my grandmother was a high school English teacher, assistant principal, principal, and later my elementary school principal. She encouraged my creative writing style and helped me to grow into the writer I am today.

I currently live in Leland, North Carolina with my wife Grace and dogs Dutch and Belle.

What People Are Saying About His Writing

Penned in a easy to read format, I found it hard to tear myself away from this book. This author has hit a chord that I think so many of us have felt at one point in our life or another, and he has captured it perfectly with this collection.

M.E.A on “Coffee, Alcohol, and Heartbreak: A Poetry Collection”

I loved this story. I liked how the reader got a glimpse in each chapter of the important people in Henry’s life all supporting him through the onset of his mental illnesses. I love how the author gives vivid descriptions of places, sights and sounds in the story, I could imagine them as I read throughout the book.

Regina Ann Faith on “(Not) Alone”

The characters shine in this story, emotive, troubled, and realistic, they pull you in and lend a honest truth to the romance. The author has found the perfect pacing with down notes just when needed to help give the emotional depth the story requires.

Alexa Sommers on “The Seeds of Love (Sunflower Kisses Book 1)”