Coffee Chat with Tyler Wittkofsky: Talking to Myself

Join me for a captivating conversation with myself, a true connoisseur of life’s diverse flavors. From my love for Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC’s Black Knight to my passion for Positively Botanical’s tea blends, my sensory experiences mirror my creative journey.

My unique style, a blend of indie author attire and unwavering support for small businesses, mirrors my commitment to promoting indie creators. My journey from a marketing professional to a prolific author is nothing short of remarkable.

Balancing work and personal growth is my secret to success, and I’m an expert at networking through resources like PodMatch and local events. Teamwork fuels my entrepreneurial ventures, where I works closely with my dedicated crew.

I have faced and triumphed over personal challenges, including addiction and mental health struggles, using his experiences to inspire others. My career boasts accolades like the Ernie Seneca Award and recognition as one of the Brunswick County Future 10.

My future goals include hitting the New York Times Best Sellers list and expanding my company to support non-profits and indie creators. For aspiring writers, my advice is to embrace your unique voice and establish a consistent writing routine.

Creativity flows through sensory therapy and blogging for me, and I introduces you to my beloved furry companions, Dutch and Belle.

Join me as I delve into my inspiring journey, where creativity, resilience, and a passion for life take center stage.

What kind of coffee do you enjoy? Any specific brand or type that you prefer?
I’m a huge fan of Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC. Their Black Knight dark roast is probably my favorite, but they also have a ton of flavored coffee pods that are delicious. Their Blueberry Crisp tastes like a blueberry muffin and the Maple Creme tastes like pancakes and syrup. They know all their flavors out of the park and I’m excited to see what they come up with next!

Are you a tea drinker as well? If so, what types of tea do you enjoy?
I enjoy Positively Botanical’s fresh blend of tea. I thoroughly enjoy their Raspberry Leaf tea and Passion Flower tea. Their teas are great hot or cold, with or without sugar and honey. I can’t get enough of it!

How would you describe your personal style? Does it reflect in your professional life as well?
My style is often seen as eclectic, but I prefer to stand out. My typical outfit involves a pair of shorts, typically from Free Country Clothing or Threads 4 Thoughts, and a t-shirt, usually from an indie author, podcaster, blogger, small business, comedian, etc., and a hat featuring one of my businesses or a craft brewery. I believe it is truly indicative to my life because my goal is to promote indie creators and I love showing off my support for them. I’m also big into comfort, which is why I strictly shop for shorts at Free Country and Threads 4 Thoughts. Recently, I’ve gotten into jewelry. My go to stop for jewelry lately has been the Buddha Power Store, which really highlights and demonstrates my commitment to bettering myself and finding peace and happiness.

Can you explain your journey from being a marketing and communications professional to becoming a multi-genre author?
My journey from being a marketing and communications professional to becoming a multi-genre author has been a remarkable transformation filled with passion, creativity, and unexpected turns. I began my career armed with a strong educational background, holding an MBA in Business Analytics from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and a BS in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing.

My professional journey was marked by numerous accolades and achievements. I was honored to receive the prestigious 2021 NCAGIO Ernie Seneca Award for Excellence in Public Service, a testament to my dedication to the field. In 2019, I was recognized in the StarNews 40 Under 40, a testament to my impact on the community.

I honed my skills in marketing and communications through roles such as Public Information Officer at Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer and Marketing Director at BlueTone Media. These experiences allowed me to lead and manage diverse teams, develop comprehensive marketing strategies, and effectively communicate with stakeholders.

My marketing journey was further enriched by certifications in Google Analytics, DoubleClick Search, and Hootsuite, among others. I consistently demonstrated my ability to analyze data, track key performance indicators, and implement effective marketing campaigns.

In the midst of this successful career, I discovered a deeper passion for storytelling. Poetry became my refuge, allowing me to express the emotions and challenges I faced, including anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression. This journey led me to publish my first poetry collection, ‘Coffee, Alcohol, and Heartbreak,’ in 2020, sharing my personal struggles and triumphs with a wider audience.

My transition into novellas began in 2019 with ‘(Not) Alone,’ a work inspired by real-life experiences, which explored the complexities of mental illness. The positive reception from readers inspired me to continue crafting compelling narratives. I later delved into the world of romance novels with my debut novel, ‘Sunflower Kisses Book 1: The Seeds of Love’.

While my career in marketing and communications has been marked by accolades and professional growth, my journey as an author has allowed me to connect with readers on a deeper level, sharing stories that resonate with the human experience. My commitment to both worlds continues to shape my unique path, where creativity and communication intersect to create something truly magical.

In your opinion, what role does balance play in life, especially in the context of professional endeavors and personal growth?
Balancing professional endeavors and personal growth is a delicate dance, and in my opinion, it plays a crucial role in achieving a fulfilling and meaningful life. This concept has been particularly relevant in my own journey, where I’ve navigated a dynamic career in marketing and communications while also nurturing my personal growth as a multi-genre author.

In the realm of professional endeavors, balance is essential to avoid burnout and maintain long-term sustainability. Achieving success in one’s career often requires dedication and hard work, but it’s equally important not to lose sight of other aspects of life. Balancing work with personal time, hobbies, and relationships ensures that one’s well-being remains intact.

For me, balancing my marketing and communications career with my passion for writing has been transformative. While my professional journey has been marked by awards and achievements, my personal growth as an author has allowed me to tap into a different dimension of creativity and self-expression. This balance has enriched my life and provided a sense of purpose beyond my professional accomplishments.

Moreover, balance fosters personal growth by allowing individuals to explore their interests, develop new skills, and cultivate meaningful relationships. It provides the opportunity to step outside one’s comfort zone and embrace new experiences, which is vital for personal development.

I firmly believe that balance is the key to a well-rounded and fulfilling life. Balancing professional endeavors with personal growth not only enhances one’s career but also nurtures the soul, allowing for a more holistic and enriching life journey. This perspective has guided me in my own pursuits, and I continue to strive for equilibrium as I navigate the realms of marketing, communication, and creative writing.

Can you share some insights on how you build positive influences in your life?
PodMatch is a great resource for connecting with podcasters who can help advance your goals. Podcasts are a great way to network with the modern age of information while spreading your message and inspiring others. Believe it or not, I have made a few friends from listeners who have reached out to me on social media. I also believe in the value of going to networking events in your community to first build a local presence to establish yourself as a writer. When I first published my novella, (Not) Alone, I went to numerous networking events and met several people in the local business community who hosted book signings at their place of business for me.

What role has teamwork played in your entrepreneurial endeavors?
Teamwork in my entrepreneurial journey is like the secret sauce in a gourmet burger – you don’t always see it, but it’s what makes everything come together in a delicious way. It’s the symphony behind the scenes, the glue that holds the puzzle pieces of innovation, hard work, and dreams together.

You see, entrepreneurship isn’t a solo act; it’s more like a thrilling ensemble performance. I have my close friends and business partners, Kelsey Anne Lovelady, Aatan Jolly, and Victoria Moxley standing beside me everystep of the way. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Teamwork has been the wind beneath my entrepreneurial wings. My wife Gracie has been one of my biggest supporters and quickest learners in the company. We have become a dynamic duo, the Bonnie to my Clyde, and the Sherlock to my Holmes. Without her, my ideas would just be words on paper, and my dreams would be stars too distant to reach.

Teamwork isn’t just about dividing tasks; it’s about multiplying possibilities. It’s about combining different talents, experiences, and perspectives to create something bigger than ourselves. It’s like a beautiful mosaic where every piece, no matter how small, adds to the grand masterpiece.

When I think of teamwork, I’m reminded of a famous quote by Helen Keller: “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” In my entrepreneurial journey, my team isn’t just a group of people; they’re the partners in my adventure, the pillars of support during tough times, and the cheerleaders in moments of victory.

So, to sum it up, teamwork is the heartbeat of my entrepreneurial endeavors. It’s the camaraderie that turns challenges into opportunities and aspirations into reality. It’s the ‘we’ in ‘we can do it,’ and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What are some of the challenges you faced on your journey and how did you overcome them?

During my college years, I faced formidable challenges that ultimately became the crucible of my character. In those days, I grappled with drug and alcohol addiction, alongside undiagnosed mental health conditions. These trials could have defined me, but I resolved to harness them as catalysts for personal growth and transformation.

Recovery from addiction was a pivotal chapter in my life. Battling addiction is akin to a monumental struggle against a formidable adversary, and it necessitates unwavering determination. With the unwavering support of my loving family and a compassionate community, I embarked on the path to recovery. Although it wasn’t without setbacks, I maintained my resolve and continued my ascent.

Simultaneously, I confronted a host of mental health challenges, including trauma, PTSD, Bipolar disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, and anxiety. These conditions, while daunting, did not deter me. Instead, I sought professional guidance, a crucial step in understanding and managing my mental health. This decision was akin to acquiring a compass to navigate a complex labyrinth.

What truly fortified my journey was the unwavering support network that surrounded me. Family, friends, and mentors stood beside me, offering encouragement and belief when self-doubt loomed large. Their presence was akin to a sturdy bridge that helped me cross turbulent waters.

In the midst of this personal transformation, I discovered the power of the written word. Writing became my sanctuary—a place where I could channel my thoughts, emotions, and experiences into literary creations. Poetry, novels, short stories, and blogging became my medium of expression and connection. Through writing, I shared my journey, resonating with others who had faced similar challenges. It was not just cathartic; it was an act of empowerment.

As I continued to evolve, I decided to pursue higher education and a career in marketing and communications. This journey demonstrated that no matter where one begins, with determination and the right support, it’s possible to transform one’s life.

The lesson I’ve gleaned from my journey is this: Life may present formidable obstacles, but it is our response to adversity that defines us. Challenges are not roadblocks; they are stepping stones to personal and professional growth. With a resolute spirit, a strong support system, and a penchant for creativity, we can convert life’s trials into a narrative of triumph. After all, the most inspiring stories are those in which the protagonist emerges from adversity as a stronger, wiser, and more resilient individual.

Can you share some of your career achievements that you are most proud of?
I’m immensely proud of several career achievements that have shaped my journey as a writer, marketer, and creative professional.

An achievement that holds a special place in my heart is being named one of the Brunswick County Future 10. What makes this recognition particularly meaningful is that my brother received the same award a few years later, and we both received these awards at the same ages. It’s a remarkable connection between our professional journeys and a testament to the values instilled in us by our family and community.

In addition to these achievements, I’ve had the privilege of receiving several honors and memberships, including the 2021 NCAGIO Ernie Seneca Award for Excellence in Public Service, being recognized as one of Wilmington Biz’s Top 100, and being named one of StarNews’ 40 Under 40. These recognitions have reinforced my commitment to making a positive impact in my community and beyond.

Throughout my career, I’ve acquired various certifications, including Google Analytics, Hootsuite, and HubSpot, which have enhanced my skills in marketing and communications. These certifications reflect my dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends and delivering exceptional results for my clients and organizations.

One of my most cherished aspirations is to win the Distinguished Alumni award from the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) in the future. UNCW holds a special place in my heart as it played a pivotal role in my educational and personal growth. The prospect of being recognized as a distinguished alum by my alma mater is a testament to the dedication and hard work I’ve poured into my career, and it’s a goal I’m working towards with passion.

These career achievements collectively represent my dedication to excellence in marketing, communications, and storytelling. My advice to aspiring writers who look up to me is to combine their passion for words with a commitment to continuous learning and personal growth. Embrace every opportunity to develop new skills, seek mentorship, and never stop pursuing your dreams. With dedication and perseverance, you can turn your passion for storytelling into a fulfilling and successful career.

What are your future goals and how are you planning to achieve them?
I have this dream, and it’s not just any dream; it’s the kind that keeps me up at night with excitement.

First off, I want to see one of Tea With Coffee Media’s books gracing the illustrious New York Times Best Sellers list. It’s like climbing Mount Everest for a bookworm like me, and I’m ready to embark on that literary expedition. I believe in the power of our words to inspire, educate, and entertain, and I want to see those words reaching the hearts and minds of readers all over the world.

But my dream doesn’t stop there. I’m passionate about helping non-profits and indie creators succeed. It’s like being a magician, helping these incredible folks turn their dreams into reality. I want to continue building The Wittkofsky Company as a force for good, a place where dreams take shape and find their wings.

And here’s the icing on the cake: I envision being able to provide all my dedicated staff with full-time opportunities within my company. It’s not just about creating jobs; it’s about creating a family of like-minded, passionate individuals who are as invested in our mission as I am. Together, we’ll be a powerhouse of creativity and impact.

So, how am I planning to achieve these lofty goals? Well, it starts with a heaping spoonful of hard work, a pinch of innovation, and a dash of unwavering determination. I’ll keep nurturing our authors, supporting our non-profit partners, and championing indie creators. And as for my amazing team, we’ll grow and thrive together, like a well-brewed pot of tea – strong, aromatic, and full of promise.

In essence, my future goals are not just about success; they’re about making a difference, leaving a mark, and creating a legacy of stories, dreams, and opportunities. So, watch out, world – we’re brewing something magical, and it’s coming to a bookstore near you!

What is your advice for aspiring writers who look up to you?
Just like each of us has a distinct fingerprint, we also possess a unique voice as writers. Embrace it. Your experiences, your background, and your perspective are what make your stories compelling. Don’t try to mimic others; let your authenticity shine through.

Your story matters. Believe in the power of your words to connect with readers, inspire change, or offer comfort. Trust that your unique perspective has the potential to make a profound impact.

Establish a writing routine that works for you. Whether it’s early mornings, late nights, or weekends, consistency is key. Set goals and deadlines to keep yourself motivated.

Writing is rewriting. Your first draft is just the beginning. Don’t be afraid to edit and revise your work multiple times. The magic often happens during the revision process when you refine your prose and sharpen your storytelling.

Writing isn’t always easy. There will be moments when you doubt your abilities or face writer’s block. Remember that these challenges are a natural part of the creative process. Keep writing, even when it’s tough. Break through those barriers, and you’ll emerge stronger.

Constructive criticism is a writer’s best friend. Seek feedback from beta readers, writing groups, or trusted mentors. Be open to critique, and use it as a stepping stone to improve your craft.

Writing is a journey, and it’s often the passion for storytelling that sustains us. Keep that fire burning. Whether you face rejection or success, let your love for writing be your guiding light.

Remember, your journey as a writer is as unique as your stories. Embrace the adventure, and never lose sight of the magic that drew you to the world of words in the first place. Your voice matters, and the literary world awaits your tales with open arms. Keep writing, keep dreaming, and keep sharing your stories with the world.

As an entrepreneur, author, podcaster, blogger, and marketing & communications professional, how do you manage to keep your creativity flowing?
Ah, keeping the creative juices flowing amidst this entrepreneurial juggling act feels a bit like taming a tornado with a feather duster! But I’ve got a secret weapon in my arsenal: sensory therapy and blogging.

You see, entrepreneurship can be a whirlwind of spreadsheets, meetings, and late-night brainstorming sessions. It’s like a never-ending game of Tetris, but instead of blocks, you’re trying to fit in innovation, deadlines, and coffee breaks. That’s where sensory therapy comes in. 

I’ve learned that to keep the creative fire burning, you need to feed your senses. Whether it’s taking a walk in the park, savoring a gourmet meal, or just listening to your favorite tunes, these moments of sensory indulgence act like a defibrillator for creativity. They breathe life into ideas that might otherwise wither away.

And then there’s blogging – my creative playground. It’s where I can let my thoughts roam free, like a kid in a candy store. Blogging is my canvas, and words are my colors. It’s a place where I can paint the world with my ideas, share my experiences, and connect with fellow adventurers on this entrepreneurial rollercoaster.

It’s not just about typing words on a screen; it’s about crafting stories that resonate, sparking conversations, and inspiring others. Blogging is my way of bottling up the lightning of inspiration and sharing it with the world.

Could you tell us about your pets? What are their names and what are they like?
Let me introduce you to the stars of my heart’s sitcom, Dutch and Belle – the dynamic duo with tails as charming as their personalities.

Dutch, our six-year-old escape artist, is like the canine embodiment of wisdom with a hint of goofiness. He’s the kind of guy who would probably give you philosophical advice while simultaneously trying chewing on a chew toy. Rescued from the Brunswick County Animal Shelter, Dutch is part German Shepherd, part Chow, and a dash of pure charm. His cedarwood fur, reminiscent of a cozy cabin in the woods, perfectly matches his warm and welcoming demeanor.

Now, Belle, the three-year-old firecracker, rescued from the Cape Fear Rescue League, is a Pittie-German Shepherd blend that makes her a powerhouse of love and energy. She and Dutch are basically canine soulmates, so similar in looks and spirit that you’d think they shared a doggy DNA coupon code. Belle’s tail has a quirky vertebrate out of place, but that only adds to her unique charm, like a quirky character in a heartwarming story.

These two are not just pets; they’re partners in crime, a fluffy tag team of endless adventures. They’ve got a bond stronger than superglue, and it shows in their synchronized antics. They’re like a comedy act that never leaves you without a smile.

As for their accessories, Petssparkle is our go-to supplier for toys and bandanas, turning our dynamic duo into fashion-forward trendsetters on their daily strolls. And speaking of strolls, we can’t resist indulging them with treats when we’re out and about. It’s impossible to resist those pleading eyes and wagging tails!

Dutch and Belle are the heartbeat of our RV, the cuddle crew, and the bringers of joy. They remind us that family isn’t defined by blood, but by love and shared moments. These two rescues have rescued our hearts in return, and life wouldn’t be half as wonderful without their cedarwood-colored fur and their endless antics.

What would you say to an aspiring writer trying to make a living out of writing?
This path can be challenging, but it’s also incredibly rewarding for those who persevere.

First and foremost, I would express my genuine belief in their talent and passion for writing. Letting them know that their aspirations matter and that their unique voice has the potential to touch and inspire others.

In this creative endeavor, it’s crucial to remember that writing is a craft that evolves with time and practice. I’d encourage them to keep writing consistently, exploring various genres and styles, and never underestimating the power of revision. Patience with the writing process is key.

I’d also emphasize the significance of seeking out a supportive community of fellow writers, like the #WritingCommunity on Twitter, BookTok on TikTok, and Bookstagram on Instagram. Connecting with like-minded individuals can provide invaluable feedback, inspiration, and a sense of belonging in what can sometimes be a solitary pursuit.

Financial stability in writing often takes time to achieve. Therefore, I’d suggest diversifying their writing skills. Exploring opportunities like blog writing, freelance writing, content creation, or even teaching writing workshops can help bridge the gap between passion and financial stability.

Additionally, resilience is essential. Rejection is a part of every writer’s journey, but it should never deter them. Each rejection is a stepping stone towards growth. I’d encourage them to keep submitting their work, honing their craft, and believing in their unique perspective.

Lastly, I’d remind them that success in writing is not solely defined by monetary gains. It’s about the impact their words have on others, the stories they share, and the connections they forge through their writing. The journey itself is a beautiful and fulfilling one, filled with personal growth and the opportunity to inspire change in the world.

What would you say to someone struggling with their mental health?
The most critical aspect for me is to convey genuine care and compassion. When someone is going through a tough time, they need to feel heard, understood, and valued.

In such moments, my approach centers on establishing a heartfelt connection. I’d begin by expressing my heartfelt concern and empathy. Letting them know that their well-being matters deeply to me. It’s important to create a safe and nurturing space where they can freely share their thoughts and emotions.

Active listening takes center stage here. Instead of rushing to provide solutions, I embrace the role of a compassionate listener. I ask open-ended questions to invite them to open up at their own pace. This approach allows them to express themselves authentically, knowing they’re not alone on this journey.

Validation of their feelings is paramount. I emphasize that their emotions are valid and that it’s entirely okay to feel the way they do. This reassurance can be a source of solace during challenging times.

When the situation warrants it, I gently encourage seeking professional help, underlining the expertise of mental health professionals. My goal is to ensure they receive the specialized support they need. I’m always ready to assist in finding suitable resources and providing unwavering support throughout the process.

Continual check-ins and ongoing communication are essential. I respect their boundaries, acknowledging that everyone’s healing journey is unique. Patience is key as I stand by their side, offering a caring presence even during moments of silence.

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Step into the captivating world of Tyler Wittkofsky, an extraordinary talent hailing from North Carolina's enchanting southern coast. As a multi-genre maestro, Tyler weaves tales that sweep you into unforgettable adventures. Beyond his writing prowess, he's a fervent podcaster, mental health advocate, and travel blogger. With his wife Grace and furry companions Dutch and Belle, Tyler embarks on awe-inspiring journeys across the US, chronicled on the enthralling blog "Adventure With Coffee." Tyler's literary repertoire includes the touching novella "(Not) Alone," inspired by true events on mental health struggles, and the debut romance "The Seeds of Love: Sunflower Kisses Book One," navigating love's complexities through a mentally ill protagonist. His emotionally charged poetry collection "Coffee, Alcohol, and Heartbreak" draws from four transformative years. Collaborating with Kelsey Anne Lovelady, "Enamored Echoes Book 1: Potent" marked his fantasy co-authorship debut. As a beacon of hope, Tyler shares his mental health journey on He co-hosts the Cook the Books podcast, delving into writing and publishing. He also leads Tea With Coffee Media, spotlighting untold stories via his indie publishing company. Not just a creative, Tyler excels as an award-winning marketing pro, recognized with accolades like Wilmington Biz Journal's Top 100 award. In 2020, he launched The Wittkofsky Company, a non-profit digital marketing and PR firm for positive global impact. Join Tyler's journey on social media @TylerWittkofsky, and explore his work at for an inspiring rollercoaster of emotion and unforgettable stories.

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