Tea Time with Matt Gabrielson: Men’s Mental Health

Hey y’all, today I wanted to talk about something that I feel is very important and, quite frankly, should be addressed more often. By the title, you probably guessed it, but that topic is men’s mental health. But more specifically, I wanted to talk about how there is such a negative stigma attached to men speaking out about their suffering. 

One of the most common reasons I have faced and heard many other men say is that we should not speak up about our problems because we are supposed to be the tough, strong ones, so whatever we may go through is nothing compared to the issues others are facing. For this reason, I feel it leads to us as men not being taken as seriously as everyone else when we do speak about our issues, and this is one thing that I want to change and why I speak about my story so much.

This is exactly the reason that I made this blog post and all of my other social media accounts. So I could share my story, talk about men’s mental health, and in the process hopefully show other men out there that it is okay to be open about your problems, that it is okay to show emotions, and most of all that there is no shame in it whatsoever. You should let no one tell you that you are not valid or that your feelings or emotions are not valid, because I am here to tell you they are! You may face other obstacles in seeking help because of the stigma, but I beg you—don’t let that deter you!

One important thing that I want every man out there to know is this: If you ask for help with your mental health or emotional well-being, it by no means makes you weak, nor does it make you any less of a man. In reality, it takes more guts and courage to admit that you are suffering and reach out to ask for help than it does to stay quiet and say nothing. I firmly believe that we are stronger by asking for help, putting ourselves out there, exposed, vulnerable, and open to the negative commenters in the world. 

Now let’s face it: we are all humans. As humans, we make mistakes, we hurt, and we have issues to face in one aspect or another of our lives. So why fight it when every single one of you knows just as well as I do that by asking for help and having someone to share that burden with, you will feel a lot better as well as a little less alone in the world? Not only that, but you can get on the road to recovery much easier than on your own, being stubborn with no knowledge about your health or disorders.

So take it from me, someone who has tried playing the macho man and held everything in for so long that it drove me to try to kill myself because I felt so alone and worthless even inside of my head. So what I am asking is that you don’t bear the hurt and many scars like I do on your own, because you don’t have to. There are so many people out there who care and so many resources. If you like, you can even reach out to me. So, with all of that being said, be brave, be kind, and don’t be afraid to take that first step. YOU CAN DO IT!!

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Hey y’all I’m Matt I am an average YouTuber using my videos to give back to the community by doing interviews as well as fun collaboration videos with guests on various topics. I started my channel originally as an outlet to help with my PTSD but soon realized I could use it to give back and now here we are over two years later getting to meet and chat with some amazingly talented people. So pop in for a video and stay awhile.

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