Be Kind.

Everyone around you is fighting a battle. We all have some kind of inner turmoil going, pretty much all the time.

It’s a scary thought that the sweet cafeteria lady from your high school days had some inner turmoil because she was so sweet and never showed it. But one day her husband passed away and she still had to go to work the next day to pay the bills. She didn’t make it known, though. She smiled and said ‘hey sweetie, extra dumplin’s today?’

We all are going through some shit, the least we can do is be kind to one another. There are rare occasions when I get angry, and I lash out at people. Whether it be a random customer service rep that had the misfortune of talking to me that day, or someone close to me that just so happened to be around at my breaking point. I hate that I do it, but I’m human.

I make it a point to apologize to those people. To call the company back and speak to the rep. Or maybe to call that family member I snapped at for trying to help. Because that customer service rep’s brother could be in the hospital with COVID, fighting for his life. My family member could be going through a rocky time in their relationship. We never know.

We just never know, and most of the time we never will. That’s why we have to be kind to one another. Sometimes it even helps to just have someone listening to you yell. We have our limits and we know what we’re comfortable with, so set your boundaries.

Be kind. Love other people because they’re going through some hard times too. I live life and try to make people laugh or smile. I show them compassion because sometimes that’s what we need. Being shown compassion is a healing tool. It feels good to be understood.

It isn’t easy or even realistic to be kind and happy all the time, but even making the effort to be more kind to people is a good thing. Showing the willingness to be more conscious of how you treat someone shows true growth. It helps you to achieve your best self.

Published by Tyler Wittkofsky

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